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Parsun F15A_F20A Owner's Manual
Parsun F15A_F20A Owner's Manual
Parsun F15A_F20A Owner's Manual [PDF, E
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Parsun F2.6 Owner's Manual
Parsun F2.6 Owner's Manual
Parsun F2.6 Owner's Manual [PDF, ENG, 2.
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Parsun F30_F40 Owner's Manual
Parsun F30_F40 Owner's Manual
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Parsun F4BM Service Manual
Parsun F4BM Service Manual
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The Chinese brand Parsun is well-known in the global market, and the company's sales figures in both Europe and the United States are growing steadily. In Ukraine, among fans of water recreation, Parsun products also enjoy well-deserved fame and popularity, which is confirmed by numerous reviews on the Web. A detailed acquaintance with the key features and benefits of Parsun outboard motors, as well as an overview of the top models will help Aquamania customers choose and buy the best outboard outboard engine. At the same time, you can be sure of the highest quality of all spare parts and assemblies, as well as the safety and environmental friendliness of motors, because Parsun products are 100% compliant with the strict EPA standards.

Outboard engines "Parsun", which residents of Kiev and other cities of Ukraine can buy on average one third cheaper than models of similar quality from other brands, can have a capacity of 2.6 to 40 horsepower, that is, small and medium. It is these categories that are most popular with buyers, although the manufacturer produces engines up to 90 horsepower.


Independent experts who took part in the tests of the motors noted excellent speed indicators - 15 knots at 5000 rpm demonstrated a fifteen horsepower two-stroke engine installed on a large boat with a solid load. At the same time, the minimum fuel consumption was noted - 5 liters at 5000 rpm, and with a decrease in speed - 3.3 liters at 4000 rpm.


Regardless of the purpose of purchasing a Parsun outboard motor, all its parts and the engine itself will serve you faithfully while on the water, fishing or working. The purpose of the motors is universal, and the company carefully controls the quality of each model before starting their production:


new motors undergo serious tests for at least 500 hours of intensive operation;

each engine that has already passed a general check is subjected to a special check for the absence of any defects and the operability of all spare parts;

each Parsun motor is primed twice with a special anti-corrosion compound and three times covered with enamel, which ensures maximum protection of the body from negative environmental influences.

The material for the manufacture of Parsun outboard motors is mainly aluminum, the performance of which makes it possible to use it in the construction of sea vessels.


The Parsun engine range includes both two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Tiller-controlled motors prevail in the model range, although remote control also takes place. Without exception, all models are equipped with a carburetor fuel system.



The Parsun T 2.6 engine is designed for small size PVC boats, fishing boats, small yachts, sailboats, and it can also be installed on punt boats. The main characteristics and features of the motor are as follows:


The weight of the Parsun T 2.6 is comparatively small - only 9.8 kg, which makes its transportation as convenient as possible.

Two-stroke engine with a working volume of 50 cc. see is able to reach a speed of 20 km / h under favorable conditions.

Lightweight aluminum propeller.

The water cooling system of the engine allows the entire period of operation to keep the performance of the outboard motor at an initially high level.

The built-in fuel tank has a volume of 1.2 liters. This is enough for two hours of continuous battery life (average stroke).

The engine is equipped with a microprocessor electronic ignition system with the simplest design, which increases its reliability in use.

Subject to the running-in mode and operating recommendations, the motor warranty is three years.



Parsun T 3.6 BMS is a wonderful purchase for owners of inflatable boats. No wonder this model, light and unpretentious, is considered a real hit of sales. Appreciate its excellent properties and make a rational choice:


At medium revs, the Parsun T 3.6 BMS with a load of up to 180 kg runs at a speed of 10 km / h.

The two-stroke engine weighs only 13.5 kg.

The built-in fuel tank has a volume of 1.5 liters.

The lack of reversing in the PARSUN T 3.6 outboard motor is compensated by the comfortable turning system.

Microprocessor electronic ignition system.

Gasoline 92 and 95 are recommended.

Water cooling.

Reviews of the Parsun T 3.6 BMS engine note its moderately quiet running, economical fuel consumption and flawless operation under recommended conditions.


The Parsun TC 5.8 BMS two-stroke outboard motor with tiller control system has a power of 5.8 horsepower, so it can no longer be put on a boat with a flat bottom. This model is designed for keel boats. A great option for those who like fishing, water recreation and short-distance travel. Key product features:


The engine weighs 21 kg and the displacement is 102 cubic meters. cm.

Built-in tank capacity of 2.7 liters, ideal for small boats that do not have space for an external tank.

The optimum comfortable speed of the Parsun TC 5.8 BMS motor will be 24 km / h with a payload of 1 person and the dimensions of the boat are three meters in length and one and a half in width.

The exhaust gas outlet is located above the screw.

The motor can be locked in an inclined position.

There is an emergency cord that turns off the motor if necessary.

Gasoline with an octane rating of 92/95 is recommended.

This model is attractive for its ease of use, reliability, safety, relatively low noise level and availability of maintenance.



The powerful Parsun T 9.8 BMS is suitable for equipping small boats and large PVC keel boats. The two-stroke engine demonstrates an extremely successful combination of performance, moderate fuel consumption and high efficiency. Customers are enthusiastic about the properties of the Parsun T 9.8 BMS motor:


With a fairly moderate weight of 26 kg, the motor has a solid power of 9.8 horsepower. This combination is considered one of the most successful options on the market.

Under favorable conditions, the maximum speed is about 35 km / h.

At cruising speed, gasoline is consumed sparingly (2-3 liters per hour), which allows you to move 150 km on one tank (12 liters) without stopping.

Lovers of a smooth start and a smooth ride will be able to fully enjoy the movement on the water without unnecessary noise.

With regular maintenance and compliance with all break-in requirements and operating rules, the warranty for this motor is three years.

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