Dynamic 2.5 outboard engine: Owner's manual PDF


Boat motors Speaker 2.5 HP develop speeds of up to 10-12 km / h and weigh 11.5 kg, and the average fuel consumption is 0.8 l / h. The characteristics are quite acceptable for those who want to buy a motor for fishing trips.


DYNAMIC is an excellent outboard motor

Outboard outboard motors (Dynamic) are the products of Korean manufacturers that produce low-power and affordable outboard motors. By design, these engines are quite simple, unpretentious in operation and maintenance, and are well suited for our conditions.


The sale of outboard motors is designed for fishermen and hunters who want to buy an outboard motor inexpensively with an acceptable ratio of basic characteristics and price. Dynamic outboard motors are not as widely available in stores as other Asian manufacturers. When it comes to selling a Dynamic motor, we usually mean 2.5 hp two-stroke engines, there are also more powerful 9.9 hp engines.


2-stroke outboard motors

Outboard 2-stroke outboard motors Dynamic 2.5 HP are single-cylinder engines with manual start, tiller control, water-cooling, built-in fuel tank of 1.4 liters and 3-blade plastic propeller.

The characteristics are quite acceptable for those who want to buy a motor for fishing, hunting or boating on the weekend.

2-stroke outboard motors Dynamic are great for beginners who choose a motor that does not require special installation and operation skills, so it is quite possible to master low-power outboard engines with a model such as Dynamic 2.5 HP, or 9.9 HP.

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