Jet ski Service & Owner's Manuals in PDF

A jet ski means high speeds, adrenaline, freedom and real drive, but in order for a new "toy" not to become a source of headaches, its owner must carefully look after his valuable acquisition. Like any expensive equipment, a jet ski needs regular, professional care.


A visit to the service center for the maintenance and repair of jet skis is a must for every lover of boating.

 Regular maintenance is essential to keep your watercraft in good working order at all times. By neglecting maintenance, the owner of a jet ski risks not only his health, but also his life. Not to mention the safety of passengers.

 The owner of the watercraft should only perform the maintenance operations described in the Owner's Manual on their own. In many cases, special tools, attachments, and professional skills are required to carry out maintenance or repair operations on your watercraft.



Always use a grounding device when replacing spark plugs. Make sure that there is no oil, water, rags and other foreign objects on the bottom inside the case. You should not attempt to lift the watercraft out of the water yourself unless you have the proper equipment or experience.



The engine and other components and parts of the watercraft described in this Owner's Manual are not allowed to be used on products other than those for which they are intended. During maintenance and repair of the watercraft, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the accepted work technology and observe the recommended tightening torques for threaded connections.


It is forbidden to make repairs in the absence of the necessary tools and devices. The jet ski is equipped with both metric and inch standard parts. When replacing fasteners, be sure to match the thread sizes and use only those parts that are approved for use by the manufacturer.