MTR Marine outboard owner's and service manuals

MTR Marine outboard motors owner's manual
MTR Marine outboard motors owner's manual
MTR Marine outboard motors owner's manua
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MTR Marine

Outboard motors MTR Marine are manufactured in China, at a factory in Hangzhou.

The MTR Marine T2.6BMS two-stroke outboard motor is for those who need an engine with an extended temperature range that is undemanding to the quality of gasoline. The MTR Marine T2.6BMS outboard motor develops 2.6 horsepower. with a volume of 61 cm3. Number of cylinders - 1, cylinder diameter 45 mm, piston stroke 38 mm. The maximum number of revolutions per minute ranges from 4000 to 5000.


The engine has a carburetor power supply system, a CDI ignition system.

Moving parts are lubricated with pre-mixed gasoline and oil.

The motor is cooled with water. Exhaust gases are removed through the screw.

The two-stroke outboard motor MTR Marine T2.6BMS has a tiller control (throttle handle on the tiller).

The engine is started manually. There is 1 gear (forward). Backward movement is carried out by turning the engine 180 degrees around the axis.

For safety, an emergency stop cable is provided. The outboard motor MTR Marine T2.6BMS is designed for a standard transom height of 381 mm and has a total weight of 9.8 kg. There is a mode for traveling in shallow water. A built-in fuel tank with a volume of 1.1 liters is provided. Three-blade propeller, made of aluminum. The engine is made in China, the product warranty is 1 year.


Outboard motor T2.6 BMS MTR Marine MTR Marine T 2.6 is a lightweight and practical motor. Ideal for small boats, kayaks and inflatable boats. Even a beginner will be able to master the management of the MTR Marine T2.6 BMS.

We present to you a novelty on the outboard motors market - MTR Marine. The manufacturing company has specialized in the development of motors for transom boats and powerboats for many years. All these years the company has been focusing on quality, technology, the latest developments and reliability. This high-tech enterprise integrates research, production and marketing center into a single team of professional employees. MTP-Marine engines include a series of two and four-stroke outboard motors. These are export-oriented products that are distributed in Russia, the Pacific region of Asia, Europe and the United States. Today MTR Marine engines are the most optimal offer for buyers in the Russian market in terms of price-quality ratio. The supply of motors to the Russian market is carried out by the official distributor of mtr marine motors. All motors have a 2 year warranty.

The MTR Marine 2.6 is very comfortable and lightweight, because it weighs 10 kilograms, which is nonsense for a strong healthy man. It is worth remembering the convenience in transportation, the Marina 2.6 motor does not require any special installations for this at all, it can be transported in any position convenient for you, even while standing, at least it does not matter sideways. Another significant advantage of the MTR Marine t 2.6 bms outboard motor is its cost, it is cheaper than other motors by 20-30 percent, while not inferior to them in quality. The Mtr Marina 2.6 is controlled by a tiller rudder. Equipped with two gears: forward and reverse. For proper safe gear shifting, you need to know that when engaging in reverse, you need to make a 180-degree turn with the tiller, and before that you must either stop the Marine 2.6 engine or reduce the speed to the minimum value. all sides along the waves. To put it easier, you fly forward, jerk sharply in the direction directed to your movement. Imagine what will happen in this case if waves start on the water and not small ones, what will happen then? Correctly, the boat can easily turn over and you will find yourself in the water together with tackles, things, a good catch and other precious things that were in the boat before. The lack of neutral gear is of great importance for the MTR Marine 2.6 model. This has its pros and cons. The advantage is that the service life of Marine 2.6 increases, but the disadvantage is that the engine will have to warm up at low speed and not much longer, although it is difficult to call this a disadvantage, because the Marine f 2.6 boat engine warms up very quickly.

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