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Suzuki DF 25_30 Service Manual
Suzuki DF 25_30 Service Manual
Suzuki DF 25_30 Service Manual_compresse
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Suzuki DF150 Service Manual
Suzuki DF150 Service Manual
Suzuki DF150 Service Manual [EN]_compres
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Suzuki DF150_DF175 Service Manual
Suzuki DF150_DF175 Service Manual
Suzuki DF150_DF175 Service Manual [EN]_c
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Suzuki DF200_DF225_DF250 Service Manual
Suzuki DF200_DF225_DF250 Service Manual
Suzuki DF200_DF225_DF250 Service Manual
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Suzuki is a Japanese company with over 100 years of history. This company began its development with the release of machine tools, then produced motorbikes, motorcycles, mopeds, cars and, of course, boat motors since 1965.

Today we are going to talk about 6 best-selling Suzuki motors ranging from 75 to 300 horsepower. Of course, these are not engines for ordinary inflatable motor boats. This is a much higher class of technology. But even so, they will not stop less popular from this. The only thing is that when buying such a technique, they try to understand in more detail all the nuances. Because, whatever one may say, this is a pretty serious financial investment.



If you look at the entire range of Suzuki outboard motors, an interesting pattern can be noted: there are more four-stroke models on sale than two-stroke models. This does not mean that the two-stroke models are of lower quality or less in demand. For certain applications, two strokes are a much better option than four strokes. But if we are talking specifically about powerful motors that are designed for long distances, then here the best option is obvious. Moreover, we understand that Suzuki's four-stroke engine is clearly at the forefront of other options.


Relatively low noise level.

Convenient steering knob.

Unambiguous fuel efficiency (we'll talk about the smart system later).

Excellent environmental friendliness.

Definitely high dynamic performance.

Compactness and lightness, as far as possible with such indicators.

Absolute resistance of the housings to corrosive processes.

Great onboard computers that clearly identify the “here and now” fuel needs that enable these outboard motors to be truly fuel efficient.

Yes, the price of Suzuki outboard motors is not the lowest, but the quality of these units is a hundredfold worth the price declared by the manufacturer.



An excellent option for a boat engine up to 100 horsepower. Manufacturers recommend using gasoline of at least 91, but allows the use of mixtures of gasoline from alcohol with the appropriate octane number.

When starting the engine for the first time, it is very important to maintain the optimal oil level, as its excess or deficiency can lead to premature failure.

This outboard motor "Suzuki" weighs relatively little, just over 150 kg, while the operating range can vary from 5 to 6 thousand rpm, which allows you to reach definitely high speeds.

The possibility of remote control and electric start ensures maximum comfort.

Equipped with electronic injection, which makes it incredibly economical in terms of fuel consumption.



A solid, very powerful DF 300 APX motor, which cannot be called the cheapest, but it is definitely worth the money. Deadwood DF 300 APX - 635 mm, and the reduced angle between the cylinders (55 °) allows the use of more modest dimensions than other similar models.

The DF 300 APX weighs just over 250 kg, which, however, is not so much for a working V 3614 cubic centimeters. The DF 300 APX microprocessor ignition and electric start ensures comfortable engine operation. And the DF 300 APX direct injection fuel system is incredibly economical.

The engine meets international standards and emission standards.

The outboard motor "Suzuki" DF 300 APX (2014) consumes about 90 liters per hour.



Excellent four-stroke with remote control. The DF 250 TX is simply made to delight those who enjoy long walks in fresh or salt water. Incredible economy thanks to the special computerized injection function. What makes the DF 250 TX unique? Of course, special attention here is drawn to the air path, which ensures the direction of flow at high speeds bypassing the main air duct.

And here we will not need to independently control the frequency of oil change and the pressure of the DF 250 TX, this option is also built into the unit system.

The outboard motor Suzuki DF 250 TX (2014) consumes about 86 liters per hour. Of course, this is an average.

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