Yacht Service & Owner's Manuals in PDF

Yacht repair may be required for various reasons - the venerable age of the vessel, preventive cosmetic repairs, and in a number of other cases. Any vessel needs high-quality maintenance, otherwise its operation is simply dangerous. Repair of yachts and boats is sometimes needed due to stormy conditions and low qualifications of ship drivers. Specialists of a shipbuilding enterprise often encounter damage to the hull and rudder complex, which occurs due to impacts on the bottom or foreign objects.

Yacht maintenance is a job that requires a specific approach to each problem. Various types of boats have their own characteristic features, therefore, in each case, the repair must be approached individually.


Maintenance of boats and yachts includes the following types of work:


Raising the vessel, cleaning the hull from fouling and old coating;

Elimination of damage to the body: welding holes, replacing corroded or damaged areas, melting leaky seams and cracks, leveling dents;

Repair of sail masts and anchorages (if maintenance of the sailing yacht is required);

Repair and maintenance of marine diesel engine and auxiliary equipment (if maintenance of a motor yacht is required);

Repair of superstructures on the ship;

Elimination of malfunctions of the rudder complex;

Replacement and repair of pipeline systems on board;

Elimination of body vibrations;

Repair or installation of new navigation and communication equipment, etc.

After the repair is completed, the ship is tested and adjusted, after which it is returned to the shipowner.