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Corsair DASH 750 MKII (24’) Spefication
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Corsair Pulse 600 Owners Manual
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   The original novelty has become one of the most affordable offers in its class - it was created specifically for those who have sailing skills, but are not professional.

This spring, Corsair Marine entered the market with a very unusual offer. In recent years, many manufacturers of sailing ships have been worried about attracting young sailing enthusiasts, but the two main problems are still being solved slowly: the cost of the vessel, as well as everything related to its transportation and storage. Even those who are young (or soul young) often turn away from the possibility of mastering a sailing vessel in favor of a traditional motor boat, which, all other things being equal, is cheaper and more convenient to operate.

Another set of positive qualities, concerns the speed of the possibility of bringing it into working position. This should be appreciated by those who have elementary little free time to spend on assembling and disassembling the ship.

This trimaran developed by experts from several countries is produced in Vietnam by an Australian company, but it is addressed to the world market, which, however, has not yet been mastered by this model. The authors tried to get rid of one of the main disadvantages of sailing yachts: even being compact, they are difficult to transport because of the keel. Trimaran has a much smaller draft, but allows you to maneuver just as confidently. Of course, some features are present: perhaps she will not be able to go upwind at the same sharp angle, but this is a nuance, and the overall picture is quite attractive. In the folded position, when the side floats are shifted to the central hull, the width of the vessel during transportation does not exceed 2.40 m - i.e. There are no significant restrictions on transportation on public roads. In the working position, the width 600 is 4.5 m and the length is 6.0 m.

Corsair Marine is a very light ship - dry weight does not exceed 450 kg, and the towed trailer weighs only 750 kg, that is, any passenger car will do.


The body is made of fiberglass and reinforced in places of greatest stress (for example, at the base of the mast) with carbon fiber inserts. A 9.5-meter mast is put effortlessly through a simple block, a mesh is stretched between the central body and the floats. The aft has a small dry luggage compartment, and closer to the bow there is a mini-cabin, which, perhaps, looks more like the main compartment for luggage or sails. Here, children can take refuge from the weather, but looking ahead, it can be noted that 600 is not the best option in terms of organizing walks with children - this is a fairly fast vessel, which remains dry on board which is windy (and what else to go sailing) ) The weather will be very difficult. However, in this mini-cabin one adult can rest, but the two of them do not fit.

The rigging management is quite simple - the lack of winches is compensated by the hoists, but it still required, as it seemed, considerable physical effort.



Corsair Pulse 600

With a tail wind of 4-10 m / s, the vessel with the minimum sailing armament gained 6 knots, but it was worth raising, literally “firing” up to 16 knots, and at times the speed reached up to 20. Nobody expected such agility from Corsair Marine, but he

continued to surprise after a turn against the wind. The course seemed faster than on classmates with a keel and the speed was approximately 10 - 12 knots.

You have to pay for pleasure in that it is almost impossible to hide from the spray, but you can still stay dry if you dress appropriately.


If the convenience of transportation and dynamics can be considered the first and second pluses, then the third in a row will be the price. The base cost is about $ 44,400. At the same time, a full set of sails is included in the equipment. By the way, they are made of very durable and durable material and in this case have a spectacular black color. The manufacturer recommends installing a lightweight outboard. Suitable is Yamaha or 3 hp counterparts. Such an outboard motor costs about $ 1,000. Another $ 2,000 will have to be paid for a trailer that was developed specifically for Corsair Marine, but even taking into account all these costs, it’s not easy to find an analogue for the price.


New from Corsair Marine left a very good impression. Of the shortcomings, if they can be considered as such, it can be considered that management may require a little deeper skills than it might seem at first glance. It is not easy to recommend this new product as the first sailing ship, especially if none of its proposed crew can boast of an excess of experience. For the rest, finding an alternative to a fast, bright, modern and light, and most importantly real in every sense, sailing ship will not be easy, therefore, Corsair Marine definitely deserves attention.

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