Boat & Yacht manuals PDF

How nice it is to get on a boat and ride on the water surface, or just swing on the waves on a comfortable yacht in the company of good friends. Despite popular belief, learning how to drive a private swimming vehicle and getting it is no more difficult than mastering driving a car.


A boat is a motor vessel ranging in size from 1.5 to 40 m. Living on the coast with your own boat is like owning a motorcycle or a car.


The yacht is a sailing vessel that has reached a length of 7 to 12 m. As a rule, they are used for recreation, sports or just tourist purposes. Such water transport can also be called a boat, if it is equipped with a motor.

Renting them out has long been practiced in different countries of the world.


Motor boats and boats are made from aluminum, fiberglass, wood and other materials.

The maintenance of a swimming facility (repair work, maintenance, parking fees) takes about ten percent of its value.

Most of the costs go to the following needs:


Payment for seasonal parking

Maintenance and repair


Crew salaries


Seagoing vessels are divided into four categories, based on their ability to withstand the Beaufort scale and the height of the waves. The navigation area was determined by the same criteria.

Class Wavelength (m) Wind (points) Regions

1 out of 4 out of 8 Suitable for seas and oceans

2 4 8 Seas

3 2 6 Bays and coasts

4 lakes 1.5 5 Can move in confined waters: rivers, etc.


Selecting a vessel

When purchasing a floating device, you need to decide on the purpose of its use. The price of the boat varies depending on its size and whether it has been used before.


When choosing a boat or yacht for personal use, inexperienced buyers face difficulties associated with a high-quality choice of a device.


Easy walks

For small trips near the shore, a model equipped with a cabin or a yacht with sails and an engine is suitable. When the engine is off, it provides a silent movement, but if necessary, it allows you to swim to the shore in the absence of wind, using the engine.



For lovers of sea fishing, a boat with a deck width sufficient to work with a rod is perfect. Fishing models have a number of features, such as an external helm station, automatic aeration, pumps for pumping water, and others.


Sports activities

The main goal of racing yachts is to get top speed. As a rule, these are light vessels with a wide range of settings and large sails. The size and category of the boat depends on the classification of the regattas in which they take part.

For this sport, two-seater boats with powerful motors are suitable. These are either single hull models, capable of speeds up to 80 knots, or kevral catamarans, which can be reached by 130 knots with a reinforced cabin.


Long distance swimming

For long swims or travels, strong sailing or motor yachts are used with all living conditions and restrictions. They need all safety features, and additional devices: navigation devices, communications. When it is launched, it will become a real water "home" for the owner.