Hewes Owner's Manual

Hewes Redfisher 16 Owner's Manual
Hewes Redfisher 16 Owner's Manual
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Hewes Redfisher 18 Owner's Manual
Hewes Redfisher 18 Owner's Manual
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Hewes has been manufacturing aluminum boats in Colville, Washington for 60 years - longer than any other aluminum boat manufacturer on the US West Coast. Experience and reputation have been at a high level for many years. During this time, Hewes tried to copy, but each time to no avail.


Case design:

Each body is made of 100% welded aluminum. Heavy bulkheads and box-type beams provide additional structural strength and durability. The thick aluminum used in production is 10 times stronger than fiberglass and much more reliable than riveted housings.


Saving the value of the boat:

Hewescraft boats maintain excellent resale values for up to 20 years after purchase, while fiberglass and riveted boats do not stand the test of time, requiring frequent repair costs.



Every Hewes case is tested for water resistance at the factory, which is not available to every manufacturer. Each model meets or exceeds the requirements of the US Coast Guard. In addition, personal life-saving appliances have been installed on all ships longer than 20 '.


On big water:

Hewes fishing boats are leading the heavy-duty aluminum boat market in Alaska, where fishing and fishing boats are ranked very seriously. The boats are very durable, which means reliability and resale value.



Hewes boats are designed primarily for the serious angler. High boards, wide gunwales and plenty of space are very functional and designed for fishing. This is the most optimal choice of a boat for fishing.


Light weight and fuel consumption:

Heavy-duty aluminum won't cost you a pretty penny - Hewes boats are lightweight, simple and economical to operate and store.



The history of the company consists of a family, and a passion for water and fishing, for six decades. Bob Hughes, with the help of his younger brother Ralph, built the first Hewes fishing boat. After years of manufacturing quality boats, the principle is the same - quality boats for the snatch and their families.

Hewes has always valued family and fishing.

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