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Deutz BFM 1012 Workshop Manual
Deutz BFM 1012 Workshop Manual
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Deutz 1015 Operation Manual
Deutz 1015 Operation Manual
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Deutz 914 Operation Manual
Deutz 914 Operation Manual
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Deutz D 2011 L02 o Operation Manual
Deutz D 2011 L02 o Operation Manual
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For more than 150 years, DEUTZ engines have been distinguished by individual flexibility, legendary quality and low fuel consumption. It is noteworthy that the founder of the plant is Nikolaus Otto, a German engineer-inventor who designed and for the first time launched a four-stroke internal combustion engine into industrial production.

DEUTZ's portfolio includes more than 170 diesel and gas engine models, from the legendary air-cooled engines, the exclusive range of lube-oil cooled engines to state-of-the-art hydrogen and hybrid powertrains.

Thanks to decades of research and technological improvement, Deutz engines successfully operate in the most adverse conditions, as well as at long maximum loads, without reducing the service life and reducing the overhaul period.


 Deutz 226B

Engines in this series are designed in accordance with modern requirements and standards. The advantages of these motors are a wide range of powers, reliability, compactness and lightness, ease of installation. It can serve as both a main engine and an auxiliary one.


The Deutz 226B engine is made using advanced international technologies, therefore it differs significantly from other Chinese-made engines in materials and appearance.


Features of the device:

The power output of the crankshaft is optimal for the seawater pump, generator, steel gear pump, net hoist, etc.


The vane shaft of the seawater intake pump is made of corrosion-resistant steel; impeller and seal ring are made of brass, which will greatly extend their life.


The engines are equipped with ED211A5G or FV5K5F4 control sensors for automatic measurement and display of water and oil temperatures.


The cooling system is based on setting the temperature depending on external conditions (tropics, subtropics, temperate zone, etc.). You can choose 55 ℃, 65 ℃ and 85 ℃, enable / disable temperature control, as well as the ability to start water immediately in a large circle, thereby cooling it to 80 ℃. The cooling system pipes are made of brass.


The intake and exhaust system is specially adapted for vessels with fishing net traction. The exhaust pipe and turbocharger are treated with a special heat-resistant material, which keeps the engine room cool. The steel exhaust cover also protects against heat.


Deutz BF 6 M 1015 M (Marine)

Marine 6-cylinder V-type diesel engine (90 °), water cooled, turbocharged.

Water cooled torbo compressor and exhaust manifold.

Low fuel consumption, low maintenance costs and long service life.

100% flywheel side and front power take-off and two gear PTOs.

Mechanical governor in case of drive motor and electronic governor in generator version.

Compact engine design.

DEUTZ marine engines are specially designed for the requirements of marine applications and comply with the requirements of classification societies.

Engine driven cooling water pumps facilitate installation in dual circuit and keel cooling systems. Innovative DEUTZ Multi-Parallel-Cooling System.

The engines comply with the emission limit values according to IMO, EU and ZKR.

Thanks to the reliable design of the engines, their operation is possible anywhere in the world, also with the use of fuels with a high sulfur content.


Number of cylinders 6

Cylinder diameter 132 mm

Piston stroke145 mm

Volume11.9 l

Drive motors LG A214 kW

Drive motors LG B240 kW

Specific fuel consumption213 g / kWh

Length1379 mm

Width1316 mm

Height1159 mm

Weight1080 kg

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