Magnus outboard motors Owner's manuals PDF


Magnus is the official representative of the Dutch Outboard Motor Plant.

MAGNUS outboard motors are manufactured by a European company, production is located in the PRC. The company maintains high quality standards, which are confirmed by ISO and CE certificates.

 Today, a wide range of 2-stroke outboard motors are produced. In 2013, a line of 4-stroke engines was developed and launched into serial production. The company has a wide distribution network in more than 35 countries around the world.

Each stage of the production process is carefully controlled by the company's leading engineers, from materials, mechanical and heat treatment, painting and assembly, right through to testing. Due to this, high quality and reliability of each manufactured unit is ensured.

It does not matter whether you buy a boat motor for fishing or for walking on rivers and lakes, for personal use or for work, MAGNUS boat motors, due to their unique reliability, noiselessness and economy, will not let you down !!!


Specifications MAGNUS 5.5 HP

Power (hp) 5.5

Cycle two-stroke

Working volume (cubic cm) 103

Number of cylinders 1

The maximum number of revolutions per minute 5500

Diameter / piston stroke (mm) 54 x 45

Fuel tank capacity 2.8 l built-in

Tiller control system

Start type manual

Power system 1 carburetor

Cooling Water

Gear Shift Forward-Neutral-Reverse

Weight (kg) 20 kg

Brand: China

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