Gladiator outboard motors: maintenance and owners manuals


The outboard motors Gladiator are the products of the largest factory located in Hangzhou, People's Republic of China. These are some of the most reliable engines on the powerboat market. Hangzhou Hidea Power Machinery manufacturing plant is renowned for its innovative technology. The company's products have gained immense popularity due to the fact that the quality requirements for the production process are met.

High quality of engines for boats at an affordable cost, presentable design, modern appearance allowed them to successfully conquer the largest segment of the market for water-motor units, thereby meeting the needs of customers in different regions of our country. Every admirer of active recreation on the water, an inveterate fisherman or a hunter can be fully convinced of this.

Before entering the market, Gladiator machines go through testing stages. Strict quality control requires 700 hours of testing. In addition, a two-hour heavy load test is performed prior to packaging. The combination of affordable price and high quality, maximum speed and vigorous acceleration, minimum noiselessness and ease of operation, corrosion resistance, availability of consumables and spare parts are the main competitive advantages of the Gladiator brand products.



Modern outboard motors Gladiator have unpretentiousness to operating conditions and a wide range of powers. The brand offers two-stroke and four-stroke installations, the start of which is mainly carried out in manual mode, and the control is carried out using a tiller. High power four-stroke devices are more expensive and are manufactured with starting and control requirements in mind.


The line of motors of the Gladiator brand is distinguished by the quality of assembly and materials used in the manufacturing process. The metal components are coated with a multi-layer protective coating designed for long-term operation without the intervention of constant maintenance.

The rigs produced under the Gladiator trademark are intended for use on compact rubber boats. The Hangzhou Hidea Power Machinery manufacturing plant has a personal laboratory where innovative developments are developed and test tests are carried out. Each supplied motor unit is tested by hard work, as a result, customers receive goods with guaranteed high quality.



Boat motors Gladiator (Gladiator) differ in that they can be used for long and active recreation. Our catalog contains a range of models that differ:


- compact dimensions;


- reliability and practicality;


- stable and smooth operation;


- long service life;


- quite affordable price.



The consumption of combustible fuel is considered one of the main points affecting what the buyer will be guided by when choosing a motor model. The amount of fuel consumed depends on the type of engine: two or four stroke, its power and volume. Having calculated the required amount of fuel, you can find out how much fuel you will need to take with you, when to buy it. The calculated figure will not give accurate data on the forecast of fuel consumption for the trip, however, it will allow you to roughly navigate in prices and volumes.


You can open the boat's passport, calculate the approximate load, amount of cargo, passengers, route distance, and then start choosing an engine. Gladiator outboard motors consume an average of 6 liters per hour. There are two-stroke models with a fuel consumption of 1.7 l / h, 2.5 l / h, 5.1 l / h, 7.1 l / h, 12 l / h, 20 l / h. Four-stroke modifications are capable of using fuel with a volume of 1.1 l / h, 1.6 l / h, 3.9 l / h, 5.3 l / h.

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