XO Boats Owner's and User Manuals PDF

XO 240 RS Cabin Owner's Manual
XO 240 RS Cabin Owner's Manual
XO 240 RS Cabin Owner's Manual [en]_comp
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XO Boats 270 RS CABIN User Manual
XO Boats 270 RS CABIN User Manual
XO Boats 270 RS CABIN User Manual [en]_c
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XO Boats CRUISER Owner's Manual
XO Boats CRUISER Owner's Manual
XO Boats CRUISER Owner's Manual [en]_com
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XO Boats

Finnish brand XO Boats are premium boats and boats from legendary brands such as Aquador and Paragon Yachts. The models are developed in Finland specifically for the harsh northern weather conditions and meet the strictest requirements of the Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT). The special design of the deep V-hulls allows you to travel at high speeds while maintaining a smooth ride even in rough seas. Combining impressive performance and modern functional design, the XO Boats brand is recognized by world experts in the yacht and powerboat industry and has won numerous awards. Today XO Boats is the official partner of the America's Cup.


The XO DFNDR is a 25-foot boat with a special character designed for active use. This boat is perfect for travelers looking for new adventures, or can be used as a workhorse. XO DFNDR combines the advantages of an open version and a version with a cabin (in bad weather, the boat can be covered with a running tarpaulin and heated). At the same time, the boat provides a lot of space for storing personal belongings.


Like the rest of the XO boats, the XO DFNDR has an unrivaled ride quality and a durable aluminum V-hull.

The model with a unique "mini-wheelhouse" offers maximum comfort for travel and outdoor activities. This boat format has been specially designed for tough and demanding operating conditions and is ideal for daily long distance trips or water sports. The boat has side passages on the port and starboard side, as well as plenty of storage space for everything you need - from water skis to SUP boards.


Explore places you never knew existed. This model is a design gem in its size category. The XO 270 is ready to take on the challenge of the sea and emerge victorious. He will safely and confidently take you to your destination, while others do not risk moving away from the dock.

The XO 270 is suitable for families and friends. The time spent with loved ones is especially valuable, so the boat is equipped with everything you need for travel and joint adventures.

With its renowned seaworthiness, striking design and comfort, the XO 270 is ready for an exciting journey. The boat has a convertible saloon / berth with an additional toilet and galley module. The boat is supplied with stationary engines Mercury or Volvo Penta with power from 270 to 380 hp.


The XO 260 is an updated version of the bestselling XO 270, the most popular model of the Finnish brand. The best materials, accurate engineering calculation, aluminum alloy used for military ships, allow you to go to sea in various weather conditions.


Volga, Baikal, Black or Mediterranean seas - XO 260 Cabin feels confident on any water. The spacious cabin provides shelter from the heat or cold Baltic winds. During day trips, the XO 260 can accommodate up to 8 people. If you need to stay overnight, you can easily transform the sofas into a sleeper for two. The harsh conditions of navigation in the northern latitudes and rich sailing experience inspired XO Boats to create a new model - the XO 260. With a hull length of 8.4 m, the XO 260 is more stable than its predecessors, and sets new standards for comfort for aluminum boats!

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