Seabob underwater jet ski: operator's and owner's manuals PDF

Seabob F5 Operations Manual
Seabob F5 Operations Manual
Seabob F5 Operations Manual [en]_compres
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Seabob Ravejet_Jet 4.12_Cayago VX2_Cayago F7 Operational Manual
Seabob Ravejet_Jet 4.12_Cayago VX2_Cayago F7 Operational Manual
Seabob Ravejet_Jet 4.12_Cayago VX2_Cayag
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SEABOB was created for those who want to experience new extreme emotions from recreation on the water. The scuba diving tug allows its owner to both dive to depth and glide on the surface of the water. The powerful electric motor and electronic controls provide unrivaled controllability and ease of maneuvering. The maximum diving depth is 40 meters, which makes it possible to enjoy underwater adventures to the fullest. And the maximum surface speed of up to 22 km / h will allow you to compete in agility with dolphins.



• true German quality and modern technologies

• powerful, environmentally friendly electric motor

• waterproof control devices

• materials from carbon and precious metals

• built-in diagnostic system

• aesthetic design of the case made of lightweight and durable composite material

• safety and ease of management


Seabob F5

The undoubted advantage of the SEABOB F5 is its extremely low weight. SEABOB F5 with a total weight of 29 kg in water develops a jet thrust equal to 480 Newtons. The SEABOB F5 has 4 gear levels for shifting the E-Jet Power System. This regulation allows the maximum adrenaline level to be reached during water sports. Its unique dynamic in water is the result of a combination of powerful stroke and low specific gravity.

Thanks to its easy handling, SEABOB F5 will perfectly cope with any water space. Its natural environment is the sea. He is always ready to move on the surface of the water and dive under water. The surprisingly manoeuvrable SEABOB F5 is also great for small and large artificial ponds.


Seabob F5S

The SEABOB F5 S demonstrates the High-Performance mode in everything. The machine, weighing only 34 kg in total, is easy to operate regardless of the body of water. In water, it develops a thrust of up to 680 Newtons. Its E-Jet Power System has 6 power levels. Thus, with SEABOB F5 S, you can take a boat trip at low speed and ride with the breeze in 6th gear.

This high-class athlete is distinguished by extraordinary dynamics. Its sporty look is enhanced by matt chrome design elements. At sea, the SEABOB F5 S feels right at home. Thanks to its excellent maneuverability, it is also ideal for use in large artificial reservoirs.


Seabob F5 SR

SEABOB F5 SR is the most powerful member of the SEABOB F5 series.

It has unique movement characteristics. The installed E-Jet Power System allows him to develop an incredible thrust of up to 745 Newtons. Similar power is achieved using a 7-speed gearbox. In low gears, you can move slowly in the water, while driving in high gears allows you to fully experience the F5 SR's tremendous power and impressive performance. In addition to the incredible power, the SEABOB F5 SR offers its users high-quality equipment.

As standard, it is equipped with a SEABOB-Cam system with two integrated cameras, built-in data storage, and a Wi-Fi-based data transmission module. In addition, the SEABOB F5 SR comes as standard with a package of high-quality chrome elements and a free choice of one of the surfaces within our range of colors.

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