Oxe Diesel outboard engines: fault codes, parts catalog and owner's manual PDF

Cimco Marine Oxe Diesel User's Manual
Cimco Marine Oxe Diesel User's Manual
Cimco Marine Oxe Diesel User's Manual_co
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Oxe Diesel 125HP – 150HP – 175HP – 200HP Fault code list and sensor manual
Oxe Diesel 125HP – 150HP – 175HP – 200HP Fault code list and sensor manual
Oxe Diesel 125HP – 150HP – 175HP – 200HP
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Oxe Diesel 200 HP Installation Manual
Oxe Diesel 200 HP Installation Manual
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OXE Display system
OXE Display system
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OXE Diesel 

OXE Diesel (Sweden) is the only diesel outboard engine designed specifically for commercial users. It is intended for those who use their boat every day, whatever the conditions, and rely on their motor for many hours every day. OXE Diesel is filling a new segment in the maritime industry and today cannot be matched by anything else on the market.

OXE DIESEL is an outboard diesel engine in the development of which the reliability and endurance of stationary marine engines, as well as the mobility and maneuverability of outboard motors, became the key parameters.

The OXE powertrain is a reliable, time-tested diesel engine developed by leading General Motors designers.



• Powerful diesel engine

• Combination of fuel efficiency and high performance

• Dual-circuit cooling system, which excludes contact of sea water with the internal cavity of the engine

• Fully compliant with NMEA 2000 standard

• Modern reverse gearbox allows trolling mode, as well as Quick Shift mode - switching the operating mode regardless of the number of revolutions and direction of travel

• Easily changeable gear ratio

• Unlike the standard gearbox design, the OXE propeller shaft is driven by a belt drive

• All serviced and replaceable units in the topside of the motor

Unlike stationary motors, it is easy to install.

• Electronic engine monitoring and control system.

• Declared moto resource 10000 m / h without replacing components and assemblies



The engine is available in a range of 125, 150, 175 and 200 hp.

OXE DIESEL 125 HP designed and engineered not only for government and commercial use, but also for individual use, fully meeting the needs of the end user for reliability, comfort of use and ease of maintenance.



The horizontally positioned motor allows the maximum torque to be transmitted. Easy access to the main components makes the service comfortable.

The design of the reverse gear with friction plates provides trolling mode, works in Quick Shift mode; allows you to quickly change the direction of rotation when installing two motors.

Designed and patented by CIMCO MARINE, the belt drive is a reliable and simple drive mechanism that efficiently transfers high torque from the engine to the propeller.

The dual-circuit cooling system not only effectively cools the engine, but also protects it from aggressive external environments.

The original modular design allows you to quickly replace the power units and change the gear ratio of the gearbox.



Service Interval 200/800

Engine type: Diesel, 4-cylinder

Volume: 2.0 l

Intake system: Turbocharger, intercooler

Torque: 376 Nm @ 2500 rpm

Power: 125 hp at 4100 rpm

Fuel: Diesel

EN 590, ASTM D 975 No.1 No.2. JIS KK2204, F54 & F75

Fuel consumption l / h: 29

Engine weight: 320 kg

Generator: 130 A

Deadwood Length: 25 "or 33"

Cooling system: Closed

Starting system: Electric starter

Reverse gear: Electro-hydraulic

Clutch: Hydraulic multifriction

Gear Ratios: 1.73: 1 and 2.17: 1

Dimensions: (25 ") LHW 994 x 1880 x 678 mm

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    Roland Uidia (Sunday, 21 November 2021 15:30)

    We have OXE Diesel outboard Engine 200hp six units, now the engines are not working due to not available of fuel pressure regulator valve, same problem for 6 unit.
    Worked for 200hrs.
    Please we need your help.
    From Africa Nigeria.
    My phone number 2348033013021.
    Thank you.
    Roland Uidia.