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Hidea HDF 2.5 Owner's Manual
Hidea HDF 2.5 Owner's Manual
Hidea HDF 2.5 Owner's Manual [ENG]_compr
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Hidea's production assets are located in Hangzhou, China. Up to 100,000 units of products are manufactured at the enterprise annually. Each Hideya outboard motor meets the highest quality standards. All models of outboard motors that are produced today under the Hidea brand have a unique property of protection against corrosion, even in salt water.

These outboard motors are successfully exported to Europe and Asia, and also occupy a leading position in the domestic market.



If you are looking for the best outboard motor, Hidea reviews will point you to the best solution. All products of this brand comply with international quality certification and undergo rigorous testing right in production. The range of these outboard motors can be conditionally divided into two most popular types:





The Hidea two-stroke outboard motor, reviews of which can most often be found among buyers of online stores, is the most economical. Such models are very practical to use due to their suspended structure. In addition, they are lightweight and compact. And this is a real find for those who are used to hunting or fishing in splendid isolation. Another advantage of two-stroke engines is the high speed in the set of revolutions.


The Hidea four-stroke outboard motor, according to customer reviews, is very quiet and economical. Its design has its own lubrication system in the middle of the engine. It is ideal for fishing and when there is no need for frequent transportation. The entire structure does not emit harmful substances into the environment, therefore it is completely safe. And the price will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding customers!


The most popular models of Hidea outboard motors include:


HD 2.5 FHS;


HD 9.8 FHS;

HDF 9.9 HS;


HD 3.5 FHBS.



Compact four-stroke single-cylinder engine. Due to its size and reproducible power (2.5) it is very popular among buyers. The engine has a special digital ignition system, fuel tank and tiller control. Based on the reviews of Hidea 2.5 owners, it is better not to overload this motor too much, as the fan may malfunction. If this happens, the engine must be disassembled, and the fan must be cleaned and cooled. After that, work resumes successfully.



Another worthy representative of the Hidea brand is a two-cylinder four-stroke engine with a capacity of 15 horsepower. Due to the peculiarities of its structure, this model provides a quick smooth start and continuous operation without interruption. Due to the special water cooling system, the motor does not overheat and demonstrates significant operating potential.


Feedback on the Hidea 15 outboard motor from fishermen and hunters is very positive. They note the lack of rattling, quiet operation, loyal price and excellent performance. However, many buyers advise to run it well before going long distances.



Excellent "workhorse" two-stroke type, which is mounted on the transom. Demonstrates a good level of performance at different speeds. It can serve for many years, thanks to a special anti-corrosion coating. The power of this motor is enough to drive a boat with 2-3 passengers.


Consumers compare the Hidea 9.8 motor with the Tohatcy 9.8 motor. And this comparison is unambiguously in favor of the Hideya brand. The advantages of this outboard motor also include lightness (26 kg.), Beautiful design, quiet operation and a very loyal price.

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