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Axis Boats 2012 Owners Manual
Axis Boats 2012 Owners Manual_compressed
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Axis Boats 2013 Owners Manual
Axis Boats 2013 Owners Manual_compressed
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Axis Boats 2014 Owners Manual
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Axis Boats 2016 Owners Manual
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Axis Boats 2018 Owners Manual
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Axis Boats 2019 Owners Manual
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For axis boat 2015-2019 (all models)
For axis boat 2015-2019 (all models)
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Axis Boats 2015 Owners Manual
Axis Boats 2015 Owners Manual
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   Axis - a subsidiary of Malibu Boats, producing upscale boats for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. Axis boats carry a new level of quality and style, based on new production technologies.


According to the company, the mission of Axis Wake Research from the very beginning was to make sports and recreation on water accessible to as many people as possible. Therefore, the company relied on a combination of attractive prices, the latest technology and aggressive design that is trendy among young people.


Thanks to revolutionary production technologies, Axis Wake Research was able to offer customers stylish and high-quality tows at an unusually reasonable price. It sounds incredible, but careful research and analysis of the riders' needs helped create a dream towing truck that fully justifies the company's motto: "We are focused on you."

In 2007, when the towing market was in its prime, Malibu Boats noticed that a significant portion of the target audience was left unattended. They were lovers of outdoor activities, who wanted to have a boat with a stylish design and excellent technical characteristics, but they did not need a sophisticated electronic system and “chic” interior decoration. Listening to the needs of the market, Malibu Boats assembled a team whose mission was to solve this important issue. Since then, Axis Wake Research has been producing high-end wakeboarding and wakesurfing boats, creating a new level of quality, style and price. The first boat was launched in January 2009, and in September 2010 the company received the WSIA Award in the Innovation of the Year category.



Axis Wake Research thoroughly examines the needs of riders and the shortcomings of other towing boats and finds functional solutions. A careful selection of components and materials, efficient production, well-thought-out marketing and a sales system - all this together allowed the company to offer the buyer the lowest price without compromising the quality of boats. At an affordable price, the buyer receives a very functional and comfortable boat for relaxing on the water. As standard, there are three ballast tanks, a special form of fiberglass bathing platform, stabilizing fins and Zero Off cruise control. The boat has everything you need for a comfortable stay on the water: a large number of lockers for personal belongings, a refrigerator, the lighting of storage compartments, transformer seats, a heater and other attributes


There are currently four models in the Axis lineup: A20, A22, A24, T22. On November 7, 2014, the company presented the new T23 model.

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    Mike frenzel (Saturday, 20 May 2023 23:48)

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    Do you have the manual for a 2010 Axis A22?