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Axis Boats 2012 Owners Manual
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Axis Boats 2013 Owners Manual
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Axis Boats 2014 Owners Manual
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Axis Boats 2016 Owners Manual
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Axis Boats 2018 Owners Manual
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Axis Boats 2019 Owners Manual
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For axis boat 2015-2019 (all models)
For axis boat 2015-2019 (all models)
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Axis Boats 2015 Owners Manual
Axis Boats 2015 Owners Manual
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The history of Axis Wake Research began in 2009, this year the towing boat industry was booming as people realized that such boats had more potential and functionality than pleasure boats. For watersports professionals and enthusiasts alike, towboats have become the family's best friend. Everyone, whether a representative of the new or older generation, discovered a sport that ultimately occupied a special place in the life of one and resonated in the soul of the other while spending unforgettable weekends together.


The Axis Wake Research brand immediately began to gain popularity among wake clubs, whose professional riders needed ideal sports conditions provided by the stability of the boat and its customizable wave. Thanks to a balanced approach to pricing, combined with ease of operation and maintenance of the boat, laconic interior design and dashboard, Axis managed to occupy a new niche in the towing boat segment.


All Axis boats are assembled by hand within three months. Axis is a versatile boat, or rather a towing boat with limitless possibilities. The proprietary Wake Plus hull architecture is designed to create large waves that are optimal for wake surfing and wake boarding. The ballast system, which is a special rigid container for collecting water between the floor and the bottom of the boat, helps create a big wave. The ballast volume, depending on the model, ranges from 1728 to 2200 liters.

Axis A20 is the younger brother in the A series, capable of creating an atmosphere of fun with the family, its dimensions - 2.49 m wide and 6.1 m long - will allow you to transport on a trailer without having to have a special permit to transport the boat behind your personal vehicle. The issue of storage is also resolved without much difficulty - the A20 is ideal for storage in the garage.


The Axis A22 is a boom that is designed with everything in mind to create exceptional waves. This model was the first to go into production and remains the most purchased 22-foot towing vehicle. With 15 seats on board, the boat is suitable for both novice riders and professionals.


Axis A24 is a flagship with a capital “F”, this giant has a fuel reserve of 287 liters, which allows you to spend up to eight hours on the water without refueling with a company of 17 people. Only this model can be equipped with an LT4 engine with a volume of 6.2 liters and a maximum power of 607 hp. With.


The T-series got its name due to the traditional structure of the bow of the boat. The V-shaped hull design provides an advantage for speed seekers with good aero and hydrodynamics. The T-Series comes in two models, 22 and 23 feet long.

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