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Albin marine engines O-11, O-21, O-41,O-411
Albin marine engines O-11, O-21, O-41,O-411
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Albin 25 original brochure
Albin 25 original brochure
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   The Swedish yacht designer P. Brohal developed the design of the Albin displacement boat, designed for economic sailing. The design and equipment of the vessel are characteristic of "family" cruising boats floating in the cold Scandinavian waters. The boat "Albin" is equipped with a comfortable aft cabin, usually provided for children. When installing a deep cockpit, the safety of children on board was taken into account.


The cabin with a roof made of translucent plastic, open from the stern, protects from bad weather. To improve the visibility of the helmsman or in good weather, the soft roof can be folded.

In the bow cabin there are two berths, a folding dining table, a galley, a closed toilet equipped with a toilet with a pumping and a washbasin. A hatch is provided in the bow so that when mooring it does not go out onto the deck. Cabin height 1.8 m, which allows you to straighten in full growth. Less comfortable aft sleeping cabin where you can only sit.


For displacement vessels (Fr = 0.55) hull contours are typical, but to reduce the washout of the sides by the nasal wave and to reflect the spray. In the bow at the sides there is a significant camber to the deck, which ensures good germination of the vessel in the oncoming wave.


The boat is equipped with an economical AD-21 engine manufactured by the construction company. The engine is capable of developing a maximum power of 22 hp. at 2400 rpm At an economic speed of 13 km / h, 1.8 liters of diesel fuel are consumed per hour. The engine is completely insulated by a blank screen with sound insulation. This allows the driver to reduce the noise level to 75 decibels. Also, before starting the engine, a special fan automatically turns on, which removes fuel vapor from the compartment. An engine with an electric starter and a reverse gearbox weighs 235 kg.


The hull of the boat is made of fiberglass. The two main parts of the vessel, that is, the hull and deck with deckhouse, are bolted together. Three-layer deckhouse and deck: the outer layers of fiberglass have a thin layer of foam. The floorboards and deck are non-slip. The furniture and interior of the cabin are made of beautiful and light woods - red wood and teak. The company produces a similar boat, but without a stern cabin, whose length is 6.3 m. In Scandinavia, Swedish products are in great demand, and exported to other countries.

 Albin Vega 27

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