Marlin outboard motor: owners manuals


MARLIN MOTORS is a dynamically developing company that firmly holds a leading position in the powerboat market. Every year the company expands its capabilities and develops new directions for the production of small boats made of polyvinyl chloride - these are its own brands of SMarine boats, electric compressors Marlin accessories, outboard boat 2- and 4-stroke motors Marlin outboards, as well as Marlin oils for outboard motors.


MARLIN MOTORS monitors the existing trends and tendencies of the market as a whole and in its individual segments, promptly responding to changes and emerging market needs, timely releasing new products.



More than 100 models of motor rowing boats SMarine

Wide range of outboards Marlin outboards from 2 to 60 HP

Electric pumps Marlin accessories with a capacity from 500 l / min.

Marlin motor oils, as well as spare parts and accessories for outboard motors and PVC boats.

Small inflatable boat owners will be delighted with this MARLIN 5 HP two-stroke single cylinder outboard motor. The motor model is thought out to the smallest detail, which is why the manufacturers managed to achieve the impossible - a combination of compact dimensions, convenient design and high quality manufacturing of these engines. All these qualities have done their job - the MARLIN 5 HP motor is now the leader in sales among outboard motors in this line. It is chosen by fishermen, hunters, tourists, professionals and amateurs - everyone likes this reliable and not "capricious" unit.



Efficiency is a proven feature of this engine, because its fuel consumption is 2 / 2.5 liters per hour with a power of 5/6 hp, without a doubt, this figure deserves attention, especially given the constant rise in fuel prices. The engine is equipped with a built-in fuel tank with a capacity of 2.8 liters, in addition, the owner can install an additional tank for 12 liters. At the same time, the controlled fuel supply system ensures movement without stopping and a smooth increase in the vessel's speed.


With a weight of 20 kg, this motor can be transported even by one person, which makes it very easy to carry equipment and luggage, freeing the hands of other people. Wherever you go, this motor will be the perfect choice, its versatility lies in the fact that both in the sea and in a freshwater river - the motor can be used in any water, sea salt will not harm it at all.




The engine hood helps insulate the product from water and noise effects, guaranteeing a quiet boat ride, as well as additional protection of the engine from moisture ingress.

The engine is mounted on the boat's transom, while the position of its fastening can be changed to pass through shallow water areas.

In addition, MARLIN 5 HP is simply created for connoisseurs of durable and functional products, it is characterized by increased resistance to wear and damage, because its material of manufacture is a special aluminum alloy and a five-layer paint coating, which gives the engine anti-corrosion protection.

The engine is ignited by an electrician - a CDI system that does not require any special maintenance.

The production of the motor takes place using the latest equipment and high-quality technologies, relentless quality control at every stage of production, while the MARLIN 5/6 HP engine is a Dutch development. All this guarantees that by purchasing this motor in our online store, you will receive a high-quality item and will not regret your purchase.

At the same time, as always, the affordable price pleases, because this is also an important criterion for choosing the ideal boat motor for you and your family.

Plus, you get a 2 year warranty on this motor.

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