Mercury Outboard Service Manuals Free Download PDF

Mercury 135_150_170HP OptiMax Operation and maintenance manual
Mercury 135_150_170HP OptiMax Operation and maintenance manual
Mercury 135_150_170HP OptiMax Operation
Adobe Acrobat Document 894.3 KB
Mercury 2_5_6HP 4-stroke (2004) Operation and Maintenance Manual
Mercury 2_5_6HP 4-stroke (2004) Operation and Maintenance Manual
Mercury 2_5_6HP 4-stroke (2004) Operatio
Adobe Acrobat Document 685.4 KB

Mercury Verado V8, SeaPro V8 Operation and Maintenance Manual
Mercury Verado V8, SeaPro V8 Operation and Maintenance Manual
Mercury Verado V8, SeaPro V8 Operation a
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Mercury Outboard Motor Installation_Attachments Guide
Mercury Outboard Motor Installation_Attachments Guide
Mercury Outboard Motor Installation_Atta
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Outboard motors Mercury (Mercury) are among the leading engines in the outboard motor industry. They win almost all speed tests in the F1 class, conquering the hearts of motorboats. Leadership is the philosophy of Mercury Marine. Each Mercury outboard motor is a combination of speed, power and the highest quality and reliability. The advantages of these outboard motors are: maximum speed, fast acceleration, powerful and easy-to-maintain motors. Mercury outboard motors are ideal for leisure and fishing, corrosion resistance and quiet operation, Mercury warranty and service.


Outboard motor Mercury ME 9,9M Mercury Marine

The outboard motor Mercury ME 9.9 M Light is one of the most popular models in the amateur water motor niche. It is installed on small, plastic, inflatable boats with a transom height of 381 mm.


The technical characteristics of the unit correspond to the wishes of the users: 6-position adjustment of the motor trim angle on the boat's transom, which facilitates access to any zones of shallow water bodies and makes it possible to navigate along shallow rivers. The engine is exhausted into the water through the propeller hub, ease of control is associated with a rotating carburetor throttle control knob on the tiller. The generator, in conjunction with the Modular CD electronic modular ignition system, provides high voltage for confident and fast engine starting and fuel economy. An outlet and a rectifier for connecting external consumers are installed as an option. The Mercury ME 9.9 M Light engine is equipped with a transport propeller with a pitch of 8.5 ', variations in the direction of mounting a cargo or high-speed propeller are possible.

At the same time, the technical advantages of the outboard motor retain the ease of maintenance, high reliability and improved performance characteristics of the Mercury ME 9.9 M Light. Another important advantage is the weight of the outboard motor is only 26 kg. Mercury 9.9 Light is equipped with a 12 liter external fuel tank.


Outboard motor Mercury ME F15 EFI Mercury Marine (Japan)

Unmatched reliability backed by an exclusive three-year factory warranty against corrosion failures, engine shielding, stainless steel and aluminum alloy assemblies to keep out engine damage from water ingress and prevent excessive corrosion have always been associated with Mercury Marine 4-stroke outboard engines.

Ultralight and reliable, 15 and 20 hp Mercury injection outboards. with EFI, additionally equipped with one more "gadget" of the company - a multifunctional tiller with the ability to rearrange for both left and right hand control. And already you can buy a new MERCURI engine with delivery across Belarus.


Key features of the new engines:

- Fuel injection (EFI), without battery;

- Water separating fuel filter;

- Information on maintenance under the hood;

- Completely new design;

- Wide possibilities of multi-tiller adjustment;

- 14-pin connector of the SmartCraft System engine;

- Change the engine oil without leaks (lift and turn the engine with the drain plug down). Oil filter drain hose;

- Draining and filling gear oil at any angle of the motor position;

- Compatible with G3 diagnostics, universal error codes;

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    Wesley W Shepherd (Friday, 18 August 2023 23:20)

    I would like to get a catalog and manual for a 1982 7.5 electric start Mercury outboard,
    serial number 06178590, 1075, I think the catalog # is 90-13716...class 63631. My main interest is the set up for the reverse lockout assembly.
    thanks.w. Shepherd

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